The Benefits of Getting Dental Lumineers

Dental Lumineers Santa Cruz, CA

Wondering if dental Lumineers are the right choice for you? If you have teeth that are not as aesthetically pleasing as you would like them to be, Lumineers are ideal for making them more aesthetically pleasing. They are very versatile as they can cover up intrinsic tooth stains, hide chips in the teeth and close gaps in between the teeth. They can also be used to make minimally crooked teeth look straighter and reshape teeth so that they are more aesthetically pleasing.

About Lumineers

Learning more about dental Lumineers when you are not completely happy with the way your teeth look is a great idea. There have been many dental advancements in recent years. This means you have many choices when it comes to improving the overall look of your teeth, which is something all dental patients appreciate.

The entire process is done in only two dental appointments. That is one of the main reasons why so many people are choosing this option when wanting to improve their overall smile.

The benefits of getting dental Lumineers

The following is a list that explains some of the many great benefits that come with getting dental Lumineers.

There is no need to remove a tooth’s enamel

Lumineers do not require the removal of any enamel, unlike dental veneers. Once the enamel of a tooth is removed, it can never be replaced. They are custom-made using an impression of the patient's teeth. Once they are made, they are placed on the patient's teeth using a special dental bonding.

They are stain resistant

Lumineers are stain resistant, which means there is no need to avoid eating certain foods or drinking certain drinks, as they will likely not stain. While they are resistant to stains, it does not mean that they will not stain. For example, dark pigments in wine and berries can potentially stain Lumineers.

They can be removed

Lumineers can be removed, unlike dental veneers. The fact that no enamel has been removed from a tooth before placing Lumineers, means that they can be removed without causing any type of damage to the tooth. Because Lumineers are reversible, they are a popular choice amongst dental patients who want the option to remove them.

They allow for a great smile!

Lumineers are a dental cosmetic option that improves the looks of teeth that are not as aesthetically pleasing as one would like them to be. They can be used to hide minor tooth imperfections and/or to make damaged teeth stronger, improving the way one looks when they smile.

Are Lumineers the right choice for you?

Now that you understand that dental Lumineers come with many benefits, are you ready to make a consultation appointment for more information? When you do, you will receive the detailed information you need to make a choice that works for you. Once you understand the details, it is up to you to make a choice of whether or not this cosmetic dental treatment option will give you a smile you can always feel proud to show off.

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